Connecticut is the Constitution State but you wouldn't know it these days. Join me in bringing the state and our nation back to a common sense dialog that built this nation.

Growing up a Rush baby, and always a news hound I have made my mind up to use my skills and knowledge to produce, direct, host, write, edit, etc. a PODCAST that aims to fill a void in Connecticut's dialogue and the Nation as a whole. Creating this has proven to be more difficult then anticipated, but as they say "if it was easy, everyone would do it". Join me on this journey to look at the condition of our society not only from a Patriotic/ Conservative stand point but more importantly a Pragmatic, Logical, Honest, Moral, and Ethical stand point. This endeavor is to serve TRUTH, not as perceived by any one individual, but how it is as a constant in the Universe that is inflexible to emotion or feelings. Anyone who says that there are no universal truths are deceiving themselves and you.